• Baby Kitchen - PIZZA
    • Baby Kitchen - PIZZA
    • Baby Kitchen - PIZZA
    • Baby Kitchen - PIZZA
  • Baby Kitchen - PIZZA

    Welcome to the Baby Kitchen! Are you passionate about cooking? Take charge of the kitchen. In this game you don’t need to grow your cooking skills form the very beginning because you’re already the master chef beyond compare!

    t’s lunch time! Hungry? Grab your apron – let’s make yummy dishes! Cook after your favorite recipes or try absolutely new ones. Drag items from the fridge to make your perfect burger, pizza, cake or cupcake. In this kitchen food never runs out, all ingredients are fresh and delivered right from the farmer market so that you could have the perfect setup for preparing delightful dishes! Select your favorite base, stuffings and topping. And don't forget about decorations! Now take a fork and get ready to treat yourself to the tastiest sandwich ever!

    This game turns ordinary cooking into a really fun activity! Stack layer upon layer and build a huge sandwich or cake!

    Have fun - experiment with ingredients. Play pranks on your friends - put in their snack a pillow, a shoe or even a toy cat! Make a veggie sandwich or an insane burger with super extra meat! Organize a Halloween Party! Decorate treats with spiders, web, tentacles. Don't limit your imagination!

    What will you find inside the Baby Kitchen game?

    - Unlimited open-ended gameplay. Cook delicious food without any pressure. Here’re no inpatient or disappointed clients;

    - Use lots of different ingredients. Dozens of possible combinations for making your very own burgers, pizza and desserts;

    - Three special sets: fun for pranksters, scary for Halloween and tech set;

    - Tap on the prepared dish to eat it all by yourself!

    - Master your cooking talent. Make your creativity work;

    - Stunning decoration to make your dishes look really outstanding;

    - Baby Kitchen is fun educational app for kids of all ages and adults as well!

    - The game is free for Android and iOS and available both on Google Play and App Store.

    Warning! Don’t play the game on empty stomach because the treats in the app look sooooo mouthwatering! Yummy!

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