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    Welcome to the most popular car workshop in town! Everybody in the area knows that Raccoon is the best auto mechanic and car makeover master who will help even in the most difficult cases. But little Raccoon has so many orders that he might need your help. Are you ready to repair cars? Drive the car in the garage and roll up your sleeves. There's so much work to do!

    Crazy Car Racing Game

    In this town all citizens are huge fans of cars and races.How about a race where instead of avoiding various obstacles you should smash them? Crash into the brick walls, trees, haystacks, drive right into the huge puddle or cake! Let your car through a real crush test. How many obstacles can you hit?

    Workshop and Car Repair Shop

    After such an extreme race the car is a mess and needs a good repair. Use necessary tools to fix damages and remove scratches in the body. Pay attention to the flat tires - take the tire inflator and pump the tires full of air. Don’t forget to refill the gas tank. Now look under the hood and replace the broken parts of the engineso that itruns smoothly while driving.

    Car Wash Game

    Let’s make this dusty and dirty car get its shiny look back!First, grab the soap and sponge to wash offall mud and spots. Then take the towel and dry the truck. For the final touch, polish the car to make it glow.Now the vehicle looks as good as new! Good job!

    Tuning Shop and Makeover Game

    Tune-up your car! Select wheels, shiny bodies and doors. Turn your vehicle intoyour dream carwith vibrant stickers and tattoos. In addition, customize itwith fun objects such as rockets, flags, police lights, spoilers. Plenty of othercool accessorizes, even rather unusual ones, arewaiting for you in this shop.

    What’s inside thisfree mechanic game?

    * Download 3 different workshops to repair, wash and customize your car;

    * Crazy race that brings tons of fun for toddlers;

    * Three vehicles to choose from: racing car, monster truck and police car;

    * A variety of superb accessorize to combine and decorate vehicles;

    * Lots of different tools to fix up vehicles;

    * Fun educational game for boys and girls who love cars and want to learn how to repair them;

    * The game is free for Android and iOS and available both on Google Play and App Store;

    * Intuitive interface and easy gameplay make it suitable for children of all ages.

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