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    Smart Kids Games offers you to take a fascinating journey with a new game for toddlers Cars Adventure. Cars are very busy, each has a work to do: the fire needs to be put out, houses need to be build, citizens need to be taken from the airport and ice-cream should be delivered to kids. Let’s help cars take care of their city!

    The app consists of 5 interactive themes; each of them is an independent educational mini-game. Children will find themselves in different professional spheres, such as taxi driver, firefighter, farmer and candy-man!

    1. Airport (Taxi):

    Let’s go to the airport. Help to load the luggage into the taxi.

    2. Construction scene (Excavator):

    These old houses should have been knocked down long ago. Let’s do it right now!

    3. Building a city:

    The town needs new buildings. Build houses for citizens. Don’t like the house? Destroy it with the help of the car or create a real earthquake.

    4. Put out the fire (Fire truck):

    Hurry up! Rescue the city and save the day! Experience the pride of becoming a firefighter. Put out the fire before it destroys the whole city.

    5. Walking in the city (Ice-cream truck):

    Good job! The town is safe now. You’ve worked hard and deserved some rest. Do you want an ice-cream? Pick favorite flavor, put decorations you like, grab the spoon and eat before it melts!

    Coming soon: Jam factory (Dump truck):

    It’s about time to crop apples. Let’s make delicious apple jam for the town. When the truck with apples arrives, wash the fruits, load them to the jam making machine, get empty jars ready and that’s it – apple jam is ready to be send to the shops.

    Coming soon: Recycling plant (Bulldozer):

    It’s time to start cleaning the town up! Nobody wants to live in a polluted area that’s why cars should keep their town clean. Help them collect the trash and recycle it at the recycling plant.

    Every mini-game is highly interactive. Tap different objects on the screen to activate amusing animation. Can you discover all the hidden surprises?

    Game Features:

    * Collection of five colorful mini-games in one app;

    * Interactive app Cars Adventure encourages child’s development of attention, logic thinking, memory, cognitive skills, fine motor skills, etc.;

    * Original high quality graphics, animation and sounds created by professionals;

    * Interface and touch controls are specially designed for toddlers and preschool children 1 – 4 years old;

    * Beautiful animations and nice sounds;

    * Kids will get to know vehicles and just enjoy the game!

    Cars Adventures is a universal app in educational series which is good for both phones and tablets so that your little ones could practice their skills everywhere and whenever they want: during the road trip, in the line to the dentist or when parent needs to do some house work.

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