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    An amazing entertaining and educational game with cute animation for children!

    We believe that all children are smart and talented!

    Why memory cards?

    The answer is very simple: this is one of the best ways to train memory skills. Play and learn – just as easy as it sounds!

    What Memory cards develop? - short-term memory - visual memory - cognitive skills - focus and concentration - attention - fine motor skills - leadership, etc. (the list could be very long!)

    How to Play? The rules are very simple. A player should match same cards by flipping over two cards at a time.

    Game Features:

    The app is designed for both phones and tablets so that your little ones can practice their memory skills everywhere and whenever they want: during the road trip, in the line to the dentist or when mom needs to do some house work;

    High quality graphics, animation and sounds created by professionals;

    Intuitive interface and touch controls are specially designed for toddlers and preschool children;

    We'll divide pictures into 15 categories with more than 100 images;

    Choose images from a wide collection of themes with multiple colorful pictures in each of them;

    Happy cheering animation for best results;

    Exercise your memory with different difficulty levels;

    The more you play, the more you practice. When you decide that you are a master at memory game you may turn on timer and get scores or even arrange a competition! Find out who’s the best!

    And last but not the least - LAST TWO CARDS COME TO LIFE AT THE END OF EACH LEVEL! – Really cute animation!

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