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    Congratulations! You’ve been admitted to 5x5 Academy – the place where learning process is absolutely stress free, fun and easy!

    Our first lesson is multiplication tables. Let's learn how to multiply from 1 to 10. Just several minutes a day spent at 5x5 Academy will greatly enhance your knowledge of times table. Four game modes will help you to become a math master:

    Training. Take your time to memorize times tables with flashcards. Learn each table visually.

    Practice what you’ve learned. Select any range you want to practice. The rules are simple - choose the correct answer out of four suggested variants.

    Exam. When you’re sure that you’ve learned times tables take an Exam to test your skills. Solve tasks before time runs out.

    Statistics. Go to the Stats to follow your learning progress.

    Features of the game:

    - Four game modes to practice your multiplication skills;

    - Flashcards with times tables 1 to 10;

    - Multiplication quizzes from 1x1 to 10x10;

    - Great learning assistant for children to make first steps in learning math;

    - Fun way for adults to test their knowledge of multiplication;

    - Endless gameplay. Go back to any learning stage whenever you want.

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