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    Smart counting for young learners! If your child can't live without cars, the only way he or she can learn to count and memorize numbers is to count cars! For kids only. “My First Game” category.

    Your smart toddler learns to recognize digits and have much fun counting cars and vehicles. Even if your child is not ready to count yet, he or she will surely have a thoroughly enjoyable time with cars and digits.

    This game will help children learn numbers 1 through 9 easily and quickly and at the same time develop fine motor skills. When your little learner makes right choice 5 times he or she is granted a nice present! The kid will have a lot of fun unwrapping the present and inside he or she will find… Download the game and find out what is inside!

    Three game levels are different ways to learn numbers. They also help to keep your child entertained. Interface and touch controls are specially designed for toddlers.

    Features for your kids to enjoy:

    - Enjoyable animation for right and wrong choices

    - 3 game levels to cater to ages 2 through 4

    - Ideal counting for car lovers

    - Pop the stars when the number is correct and get a wonderful present! Have much fun unwrapping the present which is placed on your child’s personal prize shelf

    - AMASS A BIG COLLECTION OF PRESENTS in your personal prize shelf

    - AD-FREE game

    Smart Kids Games series contains other games:

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    These games are also designed for 2-3 year old children to develop their comparison skills, fine motor skills, compare edible and inedible items and simply have fun with the games.

    All games are easy to use for little kids: preschoolers, toddlers, little boys and little girls.

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