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    Odd One Out is a new super addictive game designed for the whole family!

    This game is one of the best ways to test and train your logical thinking. Play and learn – just as easy as it sounds!

    How to play Odd One Out? The rules are very simple. Choose one of two difficulty modes: easy level for kids or the level for advanced players.

    Easy Level:

    Designed specially for kids. 3 or 4 pictures are displayed on the screen. Two of them belong to the same category. The player should choose a card that differs in some way from this category. For the right choice cheering animation and a cool prize awaits the winner! Do you want to know what prize? Install the game and find it out!

    Advanced Level:

    On the screen you’ll see 3 to 8 pictures, where your task is to find the image which is different from the others in some way. For every correct answer the player gets 1 point and moves to another level, for the wrong answer the player loses lives. How many points can you get? Can you beat the record?

    Game Features:

    • Universal app which is good for both phones and tablets so that you and your little ones could practice logical skills everywhere and whenever you want;

    • Original high quality graphics, animation and sounds created by professionals;

    • Intuitive interface and touch control will be easy to comprehend even for toddlers and preschool children;

    • Happy cheering animation for best results;

    • Two levels of difficulty: level for children and advanced level;

    • The more you play, the more you practice. Share your results with you friends! Find out who’s the best!

    What does Odd one out develop?

    - Visual skills

    - Differentiation skills

    - Cognitive skills

    - Focus and concentration

    - Attention, fine motor skills, leadership, etc.

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