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    A free toddler puzzle game by Smart Kids Games! For kids only. “My First Game” category.

    Our puzzle-game is excellent for a child to spend time with benefits and get to know a tablet and a smartphone while parents can have some free time. Let your kids assemble their first puzzles!

    This game helps 2-4 year-old kids develop spatial recognition, matching, and fine-motor skills. Here we took special care of little kids: they have a chance to restore a puzzle picture because pieces stick to the right place in case they are just dragged there.

    All images are colorful real world pictures. They help kids explore the world around them and learn to distinguish different object groups because they are grouped by categories: planes, cars, food, etc.

    Themes of Puzzles for toddlers:

    1. Vehicles:

    - Cars. Little boys will surely love various puzzle-vehicles: car, racing car, jeep, off-roader, limo, pickup.

    - Construction Machinery. This puzzle set is full of heavy machinery used on a construction site! You'll find here: roller, cement truck, dozer, tractor, dump truck and digger.

    - Special Purpose Vehicles. If the child likes to play policemen or firefighters then these puzzles are right for them! Here kids can assemble police car, fire truck, ambulance car and also taxi and even a SWAT car!

    - Auto-Moto-Bikes. Your toddler can discover different kinds of vehicles. The set consists of bicycle, four-wheeler, little old timer, muscle car, scooter and motorcycle

    - Trucks and Buses. Let young learner assemble double-decker, van, ice-cream truck, school-bus, towing vehicle, trailer truck, trailer, dump truck.

    - Ships-Planes-Trains. For kids who love to explore! Travel around the world on a sailboat, yacht; by tram, plane, train or take an air-balloon flight.

    2. Animals and Plants:

    - Animals. Let’s go to the Zoo! There’s deer, bear, cow, goat, hedgehog, sheep on our little farm.

    - Living Creatures. For nature lovers! Here are the puzzle pictures of birds, bugs and frogs: chicken, owl, snail, parrot, ladybug and frog.

    - Plants. Girls and boys will find out how to identify a tree by its leaves. Here are collected the following trees: chestnut, maple, apple-tree, fir-tree, palm-tree, and oak-tree.

    3. Sea Animals:

    - Take an imaginary dive to the bottom of the ocean and meet its inhabitants: funny octopus, various fish, cute dolphins and the terror of the sees – shark!

    4. Food:

    - Fruits-Vegetables. Your child gets to know fruits, vegetables and berries. Let’s go to the grocery store and fill the shopping cart with pumpkin, strawberry, carrot, cucumber, tomato, apple, banana, beetroot and egg-plant!

    - Food and Drinks. What’s for the dinner, chef? This yummy set consists of hot-dog, chicken, drinks, water, milk and sandwiches.

    - Desserts. For a sweet tooth! Gather the whole family at the kitchen table for an ice-cream, donuts, yummy lollypops, fruit-cocktails, tasty cake or delicious muffins.

    5. Architecture:

    - Houses. What types of houses are there and what are they consist of? The answer to this question kids will find out from this theme.

    - Sights. Take a voyage around the world’s historical monuments like the Eiffel Tower, Coliseum, the Sphinx, the Statue of Liberty, Taj Mahal, and Rushmore.

    Features for children to enjoy:

    - Choose images to complete from a wide collection of themes with multiple pictures in each theme. In the near future the collection of themes, as well as the number of pictures in each theme, is planned to increase

    - interface and touch controls are specially designed for preschool children

    - nice animations and sounds when a piece sticks to its place and when the picture is complete

    - pop the balloons when the puzzle is complete and get a wonderful present for 5 complete puzzles! Have much fun unwrapping the present which is placed on your child’s personal prize shelf

    - AMASS A BIG COLLECTION OF PRESENTS on your personal prize shelf

    Try before you buy! Please, purchase the full content of “Puzzles for toddlers”, if your child really enjoys the game. The full collection of themes contains: Cars, Trucks and Buses, Food and Drinks, Desserts, Ships-Planes-Trains, Construction Machinery, Houses, Fruits-Vegetables, Plants, Animals, Birds.

    If your child accidentally taps the purchase button, a math question will appear which will not enable the purchase if the answer is incorrect.

    These games are also designed for 2-3 year old children to develop their comparison skills, fine motor skills, recognize digits and simply have fun with the games.

    All games are easy to use for little kids: preschoolers, toddlers, little boys and little girls.

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