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    A free toddler racing game by Smart Kids Games! For kids only. “My First Game” category.

    Our funny racing game is excellent for a child to spend time with benefits and get to know a tablet and a smartphone while parents can have some more free time. Let your toddler win his or her first race!

    It’s a nice game for your 2 – 3 year-old smart kids to play and improve fine motor skills, learn to be attentive on roads as well as develop leadership qualities. Here we’ve reached a gradual transition from watching a cartoon about racing into a car racing game. Yet, the game is still quite interactive.

    It’s possible to cross the finish line watching the game as a cartoon but chances to win substantially increase if you interact with the game. Kids don’t have to decide on how to overcome the obstacles on the way. Instead, they should pay attention to difficulties that appear on the road and tap them while the car teaches your child the best way to come through. This makes the game easy enough to play for preschool children.

    Features for children to enjoy:

    - Even before race your child has a fun time selecting a car from a wide variety and find the one he or she likes most

    - A toddler can have great pleasure selecting car details for a long time

    3… 2… 1… Go!

    - Your little driver can accelerate the car and honk horn joyfully

    - When obstacles appear on the road suddenly it’s high time to train your child’s reaction time

    - The race is even more enjoyable if your toddler pop clouds, tap animals and background objects to make them interactive

    - A winner gets a nice cup with bright star fireworks.

    And the GRAND PRIZE: A car with unique unpredicted design which is placed on your child’s personal prize shelf. He or she can select a prize car and start the next race

    - AMASS A BIG COLLECTION OF CARS and other vehicles on your personal prize shelf

    Try before you buy! Purchase the full version of our car racing game, if your child really enjoys it, all the more so if your child is crazy about cars and other vehicles. The collection contains 3 sport cars, bigfoot truck (really awesome!), cabriolet, four-wheeler, smart car, motorcycle, retro-beetle, van, race car, concept car, big jeep and, of course, police car. The collection is planned to increase!

    If your child accidentally taps the purchase button, a math question will appear which will not enable the purchase if the answer is incorrect.

    Smart Kids Games series contains other games:

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    These games are also designed for 2-3 year old children to develop their first comparison skills, fine motor skills, recognize numbers, find out about contemporary and old-timer cars and vehicles and simply enjoy the games.

    All games are easy to use for little kids: preschoolers, toddlers, little boys and little girls.

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