• Sea Animal Puzzle
    • Sea Animal Puzzle
    • Sea Animal Puzzle
    • Sea Animal Puzzle
    • Sea Animal Puzzle
  • Sea Animal Puzzle for Toddlers

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    Hey, little explorer! Welcome to the baby animal puzzles full of various animals! Let’s study the fascinating wildlife in a fun and educational way! Wow! So many animals!

    Does your toddler like visiting the Zoo and enjoy playing with pets? Then you found the very right kids puzzles for your little one! Here you’ll find lots of animals of all kinds and sizes! Full version of the puzzle games includes 5 fun-filled themes with 60 animals:

    Zoo puzzles. Take an imaginary safari journey to the Zoo and meet its inhabitants: an elephant, a lion, a giraffe, tiger, a flamingo and more.

    Forest inhabitants. Discover various animals living in a forest: a fox, birds, an owl, a bunny, a bear, a dear and lots of others.

    Farm animals. Let’s go to a farm where a piggy, a cow, horses, a lamb, ducks live!

    Pets. How many pets do you know? Find kittens, puppies, fish, a hamster, parrots and turtles.

    Sea inhabitants. This theme will appreciate little ones who are crazy about the sea. Explore the mysterious underwater world! You’ll learn various fish, a shark, an octopus, a sea horse, and a whale.

    How to play animal puzzles for kids: touch the screen and drag the animal pic to the correct place matching the image and its shape. When a puzzle is completed enjoy the happy cheering and then tap the arrow to assemble the next one.

    Features of these educational puzzle games:

    * Five colorful themes with 60 silly animals;

    * When a puzzle is completed children are rewarded with colorful balloon popping;

    * The game is highly interactive. All cartoon jigsaw puzzles are filled with sweet animations and sounds;

    * Pleasant background music and sound effects;

    * Easy puzzles are randomly generated so every time your little one will play different baby puzzle for two year old;

    * Easy navigation between puzzles for kids in kindergarten age specially designed for toddlers and preschool children;

    * Interactive animal puzzle games for toddlers and kids encourages child’s development of attention, logic thinking, memory, cognitive skills, fine motor skills, etc.;

    * And a pleasant bonus for parents – you don’t have to worry about losing any of the puzzle pieces!

    Download educational baby games for one year old and forget about boredom!

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