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    If you want your smart kids to have much fun picking yummy food for a little beastie, you really need to try out this game! For kids only. “My First Game” category.

    Your child will learn to distinguish edible and inedible things feeding a gluttonous adorable beastie Yum-Yum. The kid is challenged to pick out the healthiest food for Yum-Yum (and for your child as well ). When the little beastie is full it makes him dance joyfully. This funny game is easy to learn and control and helps to develop your child’s fine motor skills. Your smart toddler will surely enjoy Little monsters Yum Yum Free!

    Features for children to enjoy:

    - An adorable beastie Yum-Yum

    - Pick out from a wide variety of food

    - Yum-Yum’s hilarious reactions to edible and inedible items

    - Yum-Yum’s dances when he is full

    - Defrost more food in the fridge for Yum-Yum

    Designed for ages 2 through 4, this game contains a variety of edible items that belong to 5 categories: vegetables, fruits, ready-to-eat food, drinks and desserts, but not all these products are equally healthy for Yum-Yum There is beastie’s fridge in the game to check available and “frozen” products. The fridge is planned to be filled with new products!

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